Antibiotic Resistance in 2017!

The superbug strain that infected a woman during her trip to India was resistant to 26 different antibiotics, leaving the doctors out of options as they attempted to treat the woman. This is a warning that antibiotic resistance is real and that, today, there is nothing we can do to fight it. As we …more

The Future for Alzheimer Drugs

“A major trial of a drug to treat mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease has ended in failure.” Eli Lilly’s solanezumab drug was one of the most anticipated drug developments for the Alzheimer community. The drug was in phase 3 of clinical trials when it got removed after revealing that patients didn’t experience a …more

What the surface of our phones reveals about our lifestyle

We already know how bacteria-filled phone surfaces and computer keyboards are, but what if we used this to our advantage? A study performed by UC San Diego researchers used molecules found on people’s phones to reveal what that said about their lifestyle.”By analyzing the molecules they’ve left behind on their phones, we could tell …more

Yes, Politics in Pharma!

  Drugs manufactured abroad are not allowed for sale in the US. Trump wants the FDA to setup an approval process for international drugs. In opening borders to externally manufactured drugs, which can be sold at much cheaper prices, citizens will pay closer attention to ‘the quality of the drug for the price’ (Pharmatimes). …more

GSK and RA trials on Apple ResearchKit

Apple is also partnering with pharmaceutical companies, in order to implement their new medical platform, ResearchKit. The software is used to design diagnostic tools for clinical trials and studies. In July 2016, GSK partnered with Apple to create an app that will track symptoms of patients who are affected with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Patients will …more

Partnerships between Tech and Pharma

Get ready for more drug ads: Facebook is making a bid for pharma dollars Facebook has partnered up with Bayer and promoted one of their drugs for multiple sclerosis, Betaseron, last month. The social media giant has been attempting to partner with other pharmaceutical companies and agree on promotion products. Profits aside, Facebook wishes …more

Antibiotic resistance

We’ve been hearing it everywhere for the last few years, and its considered an uncontrollable event; Antibiotic Resistance. As Dame Sally Davies (Chief Medical Office for England) stated at one of her conference talks at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on October 7th 2016, “We risk turning back the clock to the pre-antibiotic …more

Can the placebo effect really work without Deception?

Studies around placebo pills rely on deception. This study did the opposite; participants knew they were taking placebo pills. Surprisingly, patients treated with the placebo had better results in term of drug efficacy than patients treated only with the drug. However, this study was deceitful in a different manner. It was advertised as a …more

FDA deals blow to AstraZeneca cancer drug

AstraZeneca’s (AZ) immunotherapy drug has been studied to cure neck and head cancer as an alternative to chemotherapy. The FDA recently halted AstraZeneca’s clinical trials for their new immunotherapy drug durvalumab after investigators tracked bleeding events of certain patients. In order to mitigate the negative pressure that this halt exerted on AZ’s financial health …more