The Role of Academic Pharmacists in Science and Research – The Pharmaceutical Journal

A very interesting article for young pharmacists who have no idea what they want to do! In this article, we hear the points of view of a few university professors who decided to merge their careers as pharmacists with academia.

The main points to take are:

  • Get a PhD when you’re young if you want to work in Academia
  • You can choose your points of interest and will be backed with a lot of resources and support around you
  • According to Duncan Craig, Director of the UCL School of Pharmacy, “the amount of work in academia is both a blessing and curse”
  • It is very hard to succeed in academic research on your own, therefore you will have the opportunity to collaborate with national and international teams
  • Be equipped with the insight of how patients think, and apply that knowledge/experience when designing medicines, which can in turn be transferred to students and extend their learning
  • Become an inspiration for young minds that will be in your position 20+ years from now


The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol 298, No 7898, online | DOI: 10.1211/PJ.2017.20202159

Written by Alex Fridgant

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