Antibiotic Resistance in 2017!

The superbug strain that infected a woman during her trip to India was resistant to 26 different antibiotics, leaving the doctors out of options as they attempted to treat the woman. This is a warning that antibiotic resistance is real and that, today, there is nothing we can do to fight it. As we already know, pharma companies are reluctant to the idea of developing new antibiotics because they would not be profitable enough. The UK government suggested that spending public funds on paying firms to combat superbugs is a worthy initiative to take.

A molecule has recently been developed, tested in vitro and in vivo on mice, with the ability to ‘reverse antibiotic resistance in multiple strains of bacteria at once’. The molecule attacks the enzyme responsible for expressing resistance on bacteria, meaning that in reversing the process, antibiotics which have become useless today will hopefully re-emerge with their desired effects.


Written by Alex Fridgant

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