Amgen: Asim Khan Talk

Asim Khan, Senior Manager of the Clinical Research Pharmacy at Amgen, delivered a career advice talk based on his experiences. He started at boots as a store manager, worked for the NHS trust and now for Amgen. Like our previous speakers, Khan reminded us that in pharmacy, “Patients are always first”. This is the mindset anyone working in the pharma industry should remember.

Choosing a career path can be scary; you don’t really know what to do. Your parents tell you to do one thing, your friends another and your mind is clouded with a bunch of different ideas. Khan’s advice is to evaluate yourself. What are you actually good at? Academics? Talking to people? Reading? Look at your strengths and either capitalize on them, or work on improving your weaknesses. If you don’t know, then ask around. Talk to your entourage (professors, friends, family etc…) and find out what they see in you, whatever their answers, it can only help you.

Finally, it is important to get exposure to the industry in order to build around a career goal. Use your summer holiday to get internships, according to Khan it would be the most valuable use of your time. Another way to get continuous exposure is staying up-to-date with the industry you want to join. “Get good at reading the signs” in the healthcare industry, it may not help you now, but in your future interview it most definitely will.

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