Steve Brocchini Summary: Being interested and letting accidents happen


“Where you start, and what you plan to do isn’t always where you expected to get” This is what Steve Brocchini, lecturer in Chemical Pharmaceutics at UCL school of Pharmacy, wanted us to remember from his talk. Starting a company is very complex and most start-ups end up failing, but being adaptable to change is a vital trait to possess in order to succeed.

The real question is, where do you start if you want to open your business? Brocchini’s answer is exposure. “If you’re interested in entrepreneurial stuff, get exposure now”. Having an idea and trying to get it to the public by on your own won’t work. You need to approach people who have done this before and ask as many questions as possible. Ask them what their mistakes were and why, and try to avoid these. Surround yourself with individuals who have the same motivation as you do and work on your idea; be passionate, ambitious and enthusiastic about it.

“Cash is one required tool, without cash there will be a crash”. Cash usually comes from investors, ones who believe in you! It is said that only 20% of successful start-ups became successful from the idea/service it provides, 80% is from what people see in you! So when time comes, convince your investors to believe in you through your passion and determination for your idea, show that you are ready to do whatever it takes.

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