GSK and RA trials on Apple ResearchKit

Apple is also partnering with pharmaceutical companies, in order to implement their new medical platform, ResearchKit. The software is used to design diagnostic tools for clinical trials and studies.

In July 2016, GSK partnered with Apple to create an app that will track symptoms of patients who are affected with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Patients will be expected to enter information such as symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue and mood. Accessories, like the Apple watch, have built-in sensors that can record heart rate and overall daily activity. The idea is to allow GSK to see how the disease impacts patients’ lives on a daily basis.

The two companies are sailing unchartered waters. Apple is attempting to enter the healthcare industry, whilst GSK want to use mobile technology to interact with patients on a daily basis. The stakes are very high, and satisfaction from GSK will be ground breaking for the R&D sector of pharmaceutical companies.

Written by Alex Fridgant

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