Deloitte- Simon Hammett

Our first guest lecture of the year, on the 4th October 2016, delivered by former Deloitte strategy consultant, Simon Hammett. During his 20+ years of work with the company, he was responsible for advising clients on their most complex strategic business challenges- working primarily in the departments of pharmaceuticals, healthcare and medical technology.


The lecture was titled ‘Beyond the pill’, and outlined the various solutions with which companies such as Deloitte are using to improve the dynamics of healthcare around the world. He spoke about the need for new, innovative technology, in a society that has become ever more informed about their health; as well as the way in which new healthcare delivery models are being introduced onto the market.

Simon also explained to us how the Pharmaceutical industry is one which is undergoing constant transformation; R&D has become much more collaborative today, than ever before. In addition, the stark increase in innovation and convergence within Pharma has had an effect on regulators, and complex commercial engagement is needed now, more than ever, in order to keep up with the new technological era that we live in.

It was a great turnout and was concluded with a very interactive Q&A session, which was followed by a pleasant drinks and networking session.

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