FDA deals blow to AstraZeneca cancer drug

AstraZeneca’s (AZ) immunotherapy drug has been studied to cure neck and head cancer as an alternative to chemotherapy. The FDA recently halted AstraZeneca’s clinical trials for their new immunotherapy drug durvalumab after investigators tracked bleeding events of certain patients.

In order to mitigate the negative pressure that this halt exerted on AZ’s financial health (i.e. a drop of 5% in share prices), AZ have ‘submitted an analysis of reported adverse events to regulators for review in order to address the issues and restart patient enrolment as soon as possible’.

AZ is working closely with the FDA to resume trials as fast as possible, in order to continue competing with market leaders and optimize market shares. Being a smaller sized company with a less diverse portfolio than its competitors, AZ is capable of being more responsive and flexible in the way that it deals with this setback.  These articles are very good examples of how susceptible pharma companies are vulnerable to the scrutiny of external bodies.

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Written by Alex Fridgant

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